Creating Engaging Social Media Content in 2018

Social Media

Have you seen that your social media numbers have dropped lately? Facebook specifically has been changing drastically to give the user a more “authentic” social media experience. If you’re not thinking much about what you post, you could be wasting a lot of time and opportunities to reach new people. 81% of Americans have a
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Understanding Your Customers

Understand your audience

If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, you’re probably familiar with the benefits of digital marketing. For those of you who aren’t, digital marketing is amazing for targeting and understanding your customer base. Through digital marketing, you’re able to track website usage, customer interests, search terms, and more which means you should know exactly
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Digital marketing on a small budget, can it be done?

Cost Time Analysis

Don’t have more than a $1000/month to put towards advertising? Not even $500? No problem. Small businesses everywhere have their reasons for not having an advertising budget. Whether its that they’ve been doing great on their own so far or they would rather use the money elsewhere, there is still a case to be made
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Why Every Business Needs Social Media

Man touching social media

Welcome to 2018, a world where first impressions are more important and shorter than ever before. Customers form their decisions based on a company’s digital presence and can quickly find other similar services. So, what does this mean for you or your business? It means that you need to take look at your digital presence
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Proofreading professional documents

As either an individual or an organization, nothing is more embarrassing than creating a document, be it a pamphlet, brochure, newsletter or notice, and sending it out only to then notice mistakes and errors. The key to preventing this from happening is through the proofreading process. Following the 5 proofreading tips listed in this article
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Content marketing vs. Traditional marketing

Content marketing is creating, publishing, and sharing unique content for the purpose of appealing to a target audience and retaining a loyal customer base. The key to any type of content marketing is providing accurate and useful information that is relevant to the respective industry. The benefits of Content Marketing differ from the benefits of
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4 unique content formats you should try

Content marketing is a great way to increase your exposure and get your message to the consumer in today’s society. Content marketing is a marketing technique that utilizes relevant content to market services or products to the consumer. Generally speaking, most people think of articles when content marketing is discussed. However, it can and should
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How to market your ebook: post-launch

Although the bulk of the marketing (60%), should take place before your eBook is release, there is still a lot of work to after it launches. Here are a few tips: -Offer promotions & discounts. Considering offering consumers a discount for subscribing to your newsletter or e-mail updates. -Leave readers wanting more. If your eBook
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The top 5 ways to combat writer’s block

As a writer one of the most frustrating things that you may experience is writer’s block. Writer’s block occurs when a writer hits a point where they can no longer write about the topic they are tasked with writing about. This block is not only frustrating but can potentially cost the writer money if it
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