4 unique content formats you should try

Content marketing is a great way to increase your exposure and get your message to the consumer in today’s society. Content marketing is a marketing technique that utilizes relevant content to market services or products to the consumer. Generally speaking, most people think of articles when content marketing is discussed.

However, it can and should be much more dynamic than that. The key to any type of content marketing, whether it is a plain article or one of the four methods that are mentioned later in this article is that it is built upon quality content that adequately and accurately describes what it is that you are wanting to market. Below are four other methods of content marketing that could potentially provide you greater success than just the traditional article.

Video. YouTube has over 6 billion hours of video watched every month. In today’s ever visual society a video can be an extremely useful marketing tool. Utilization of videos in your content marketing strategy will increase the reach and productivity of your campaign. Even if an individual has read an article saying the exact same thing, a video can be much more meaningful and increase the likelihood of success as the visualization that can be presented in a video can convey many more things than just simply reading about the product and services.

Podcasts. There are over 115,000 podcasts currently available and over a billion people subscribed to them. To not look at this venue as a way of reaching an audience is to lose potential customers and revenue. This medium provides a way to market to users who may otherwise miss your content and in a medium that can be accessed while doing other activities.

Infographics/Images. The saying a picture is worth a thousand words. On the internet today there are millions of images and infographics. Working these into your content marketing strategy provides the consumers yet another way to be exposed to your product or services. This also can be more appealing in that the information will be presented in a quick and meaningful manner and as such gets to the point much quicker than a three paragraph article.

Interviews. Conducting interviews with users of your product or with subject matter experts on reputable sites will allow your product to increase its reach even further. This format, which could take the form of a video, podcast or written article, is different than a traditional article in the sense that its content is set up in a question and answer format. An interview tends to be easier to read than a traditional article because the response to the question is usually succinct in nature and right to the point.

Ultimately if an business wants to have a successful content marketing campaign, it is imperative that they look at this type of marketing as more than just a series of articles about the product or services that they offer. The methods listed above provide the medium through which an organization can utilize content marketing; however, it is imperative to remember that regardless of the medium that you use to convey your message, that the content presented needs to be of high quality and relevance, otherwise you will have missed the mark.