Case Studies

Local Website Traffic & Leads Case Study | St. Louis Braces

Relevant Traffic, Phone Calls, & Reviews for a St. Louis Dentist

Client: St. Louis Braces


We had the pleasure of working with St. Louis’ first independent female orthodontist to get her started with digital marketing. She is consistently ranked among the best in St. Louis and provides top-notch orthodontic treatment such as braces and Invisalign for all age groups. She had never done any form of advertising prior to reaching out and was looking to get more patients in the door.

What were the challenges?

  • Develop a comprehensive paid marketing strategy to generate consistent leads.
  • Make sure people knew how friendly the entire staff is, the quality of care, and the expertise she provides.
  • Maintain and improve her positive online reputation.
  • Create streams of relevant/local traffic.
  • Introduce digital marketing concepts so they could understand the results they were paying for.


How did we do it?

  • We started by meeting with Dr. Fink, St. Louis Brace’s owner to help determine what her goals were. After getting to know her and the staff a bit we dug a bit deeper into what she was happy with and what she wanted more from. Her site had already had excellent traffic, as she had an article that was ranking very well nationally. But she wasn’t getting any patients from the traffic.
  • From here we developed a strategy that would help increase her local web traffic. This strategy included social media marketing, paid targeted advertising, and reputation marketing to create a plan that would reach her target audience in multiple places.
  • We started content marketing by creating videos & taking pictures in the practice to use for social media and our advertising assets each month.
  • For Google Ads we started with a campaign that targeted her audience through careful keyword research and demographic segmentation.
  • We created social media ads to help grow the St. Louis Braces Facebook page & Instagram account, for retargeting purposes, as well as for added exposure in St. Louis.
  • Lastly, we implemented a plan to automatically request reviews to help maintain her positive reputation.


What were the results?

  • During our monthly filming & photographing sessions, we were able to consistently deliver high-quality content we used for ads and social media. Check out her facebook page to view some of the videos.
  • Our Google Ad performed excellently by having a click through rate that is 93.3% higher than the industry average. Her local traffic increased an average of 101% year over year by month. We’ve seen longer session durations, lower bounce rate and most importantly a lot of leads:Google Ads Performance








  • On facebook, we’ve maintained an engagement rate of 6.9% and grew the page’s followers by 5x in less than 5 months.
  • We’ve also been able to generate an average of 4-7 reviews each month on specialty sites like healthgrades or vitals as well as google and facebook.

What did we learn?

A ubiquitous marketing strategy is one that reaches your target audience wherever they are and when they’re likely to convert. With our strategy for Dr. Fink we’ve found that utilizing multiple different platforms is an awesome way to build relationships with customers. We’ve proved that turning cold leads into warm through multiple different platforms will help drive more conversions.

Are you in need of some local traffic? We can help develop a strategy that works for you. Reach out today and we can start talking!