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Website SEO Case Study | Accolade Healthcare

Improved Digital Reputation and SEO for Nursing Home

Client: Accolade Healthcare



In Paxton and Pontiac Illinois, Accolade Healthcare is a new company managing three skilled nursing facilities. They brought a much-needed refresh to the small towns’ nursing homes. They came to us to help with SEO and to build up their website to reflect their brand.


What were the challenges?

  • Get a brand new website to rank and compete against other healthcare facilities in Illinois.
  • Create content that is compelling to those who are researching skilled nursing facilities.
  • Reinforce their brand message consistently throughout their entire website.
  • Replace the old nursing facility company’s presence online which was not positive.

How did we do it?

  • We started by interviewing Accolade’s owner and some staff members to get a tone of voice and learn about each facet of the company. This preceded the keyword research to identify the relevant terms we wanted to rank for in this industry
  • From here we wrote unique and intriguing content for each location focused around their services for residents, medical capabilities, and additional information about the facilities. Each page had content that was targeted around our strategic keyword plan.
  • Proper page titles, meta descriptions, title tags, alt text, page speed, and mobile optimizations were made to ensure the website was user-friendly and search engine friendly.
  • Made sure to take care of off-site SEO to make sure they were listed in the directories and were disassociated with the prior company that owned the facilities. Implemented a review strategy to help them get authentic reviews from their residents and their families to help with local rankings.


What were the results?

  • In their target location, they currently rank in the first position for terms like “skilled nursing facility Paxton” or “nursing home Pontiac” along with more niche keyword phrases like “independent living townhomes”.
  • They have completely outshined the reviews of the previous company’s online presence.
  • Created an entirely unique website full of content that the company & visitors love.
  • Brought their reviews up from as low as 2.5 to at least 4.5High Review Ratings


  • Their traffic has increased from an average of 150 monthly organic visitors with their previous website to 550 average and still growing.


What did we learn?

With each and every step we took with Accolade, we made sure that we put their company values first and foremost for content, design, and wording. We took great care to collaborate with the staff at accolade to ensure that what was written perfectly reflected the type of care that the residents would receive. This proved to be an effective method for writing content for this area.

We also learned how difficult it is to maintain a positive reputation in the nursing care industry. We found that while the unhappy ones are the more vocal ones, there are still a number of residents who are more than happy to leave a review about the care they receive. We made it very easy for each resident to leave a review without having an email, (since many did not use email or the internet at all).

Visit their microsites we set up for them:


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