Case Studies

Website Redesign & Paid Advertising Strategy Generates Leads for Bankruptcy Attorney

Client: Charles H. Huber Attorney At Law


Charles Huber has been practicing bankruptcy and traffic law in the St. Louis area for over 30 years. He’s established a decent name for himself by word of mouth, but he came to us in order to help his digital efforts. Charles has been successful with his cases and offers an easy consultation to determine the type of help you need.

What were the challenges?

      • His website was extremely old and lacked proper calls to action to drive any sort of action.
      • There was little organic traffic interest on his website as it did not rank well.
      • Cleaning up his digital presence from old and vacant profiles to aggregate his reviews into one location.
      • Developing a constant stream of leads for him to follow up on.

How did we do it?

      • The first step was meeting with Charles to discuss what he wanted out of the website. From there we designed a sleek layout that put all of his important information first. We added strategically placed calls to action on each page in order to help capture new leads.
      • Once the website was developed we went into optimizing his content to help him rank. After covering all of the SEO basics we outlined what the content needed to focus on in order to engage with potential readers.
      • We created a custom-built Paid Advertising plan for google that targeted clients in St. Louis. We utilized search and display campaigns to create ads that drove people to the site who were actively interested in legal help for bankruptcy and traffic violations.
      • In order to capture more reviews from his customers, we set up an easy way to automate sending emails and a text out to customers who had a good experience.


What were the results?

What did we learn?

As we worked through his paid campaign we found that we were able to get much cheaper costs with much better results through our targeting. We were aiming for atleast a $5 CPC for our search campaigns, but through negative keywords and a carefully planned bidding strategy, we were able to get the costs to around $3.50 each. We were able to get calls for much cheaper than we were anticipating, but the quality was one thing we wanted to focus on improving. By limiting who and when our ads were showing up we were able to not only increase phone calls but increased actual cases as well.

Through strategy and data-driven tactics, we were able to deliver a campaign that not only brought leads but helped get his name in front of thousands in the St. Louis area.

If you’re looking for help getting your law office more leads or a fresh online presence, give us a call to see how we could help you out.