How to reach online audiences

As the world of marketing and technology continues to change and develop, it is important that small businesses take advantage of being able to reach a large audience base via the worldwide web.
It is vital that online marketing efforts are not simply based on providing content about the company and its products, but also content that encourages audiences to interact. This could be through them “sharing” the news stories with their friends, or even commenting on the stories. Listed below are a few tips on how to reach online audiences.

Provide unique content that will encourage your audience to “share”. Because the internet is so wide spread, there is tons of information, both new and old, floating around. However, the goal for small businesses should be to provide information and content that is unique. To do this, think outside the box. Trying to come up with witty titles for your blogs that will grab the reader’s attention and draw them in. In terms of social media, post content that is newly, and timely. The goal should be for your social media pages and website blog to be the go-to source for the latest and most interesting news related to your business’ field.

Talk back. Ok so now that you’ve drawn your audience in, it’s time for the next step. Gaining feedback from your online audience, whether it be negative or positive, is always a plus. Why? Because it means that they have an interest in the content that you post. Be sure to take advantage of the comments and feedback from your readers by talking back! Responding to your audience members allows them to feel like part of a conversation. In addition, it will appeal to them on a personal level and they will feel as if they have a connection of some sort to your business. As a result, when the time comes to use your services, they will likely feel more compelled to do business with your company as opposed to a company that they find in the yellow pages. Talking back builds your brand while it also builds a relationship with readers.

Ask questions. This tip is more geared towards social media posts. Asking your online audience members questions, gets the conversation started. “Did You Know”, “True/False”, and other trivia based posts get your audience involved and excited. The hope is that the conversation will eventually become two-sided and that audience members will also start to ask questions and inquire about you business’ services.

Being able to effectively reach you online audience is a vital part of any successful marketing strategy. The key to building that audience is to build the proper foundation in which viewers feel comfortable enough to interact with your business via online marketing platforms such as blogs and social media sites.

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