Social media is a requirement for your business

Social media marketing is now an extremely powerful way to build authority and trust, and create loyal customers. However, many people do not know how to leverage the power of social media marketing.

Bascially, you can use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to build a list of leads (these are your friends, fans, followers, likes, connections, etc.). Then , you actually interact with these leads and create a relationship with them. They get to know you and the start to like and trust you. Then, they use your products/services or they recommend you to others that need your help.

How do you build your list of followers? There are many techniques to do this so I will only talk about a couple. One way is to have a free giveaway on your Facebook Fan Page. You can give a way a free sample of your product or some prize in a sweepstakes type ca mpaign. When we set these campaigns up, we require users to “Like” the page in order to enter the sweepstakes. This basically builds your lead list and can become viral in no time. Think about this, if you were told by a friend that a local company was giving away an Ipad for free on their site, would you enter the drawing? Sure, I would! I might even tell my friends. This will quickly lead to a lot of leads entering your funnel.

Check out this example:

Another way is to give away a coupon for a product or service. Again, require users to “Like” the page, then they get access to the coupon. If it’s a good coupon, many people with Like the page and they will also tell their friends. Then, when they redeem the coupon, that’s extra business for you!

The great thing about these methods is that you can target the demographics that you get in your funnel. There are even techniques to pick and choose people that you want to follow you.

Social media marketing sounds innocent enough but believe it or not, many progressive thinking businesses are taking advantage of this and really cleaning up! Many businesses consider social media a requirment, not just a good practice.

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