The basics of social media marketing

Within the past few years social media marketing has become all the rage, from small local businesses to big name corporations. Despite what some may think, all marketing is not good marketing

and there is in fact, a right and wrong way to use social media within your marketing strategy. Although there are many tips and tricks to production an effective social media marketing scheme, here are a few of the more basic rules:

Determine your Targeted Audience. Who are your marketing efforts geared towards? Determining the audience in which you are trying to reach is the first piece of the puzzle. Knowing your prospective audience base will allow you to come up with a detailed marketing strategy that is specific to a particular type of customer and reaches out to them directly. For example, a textbook publishing company may choose to target students, or even universities as a whole. Knowing your audience enables you to carter to their needs and wants and ultimately increases the likelihood of them using your services or products. It is important to focus on a targeted audience so that you can save time and money. Think of society in general being a target and your specific audience being the bull’s eye. You marketing efforts should be geared towards hitting the bull’s eye every time you “through a dart”.

Use Unique/”Sharable” Content. In order to stand apart from your competitors it is extremely important that you post content that is one-of-a-kind. Social media users are bombarded with tons of useless information from the time the log in to their account until they log off. Because of this it is important that you produce attention-grabbing content that will not only draw readers in but that will leave them anticipating your future content. Moreover if the followers that you have on your social sites feel that your post is interesting enough, they can’t help but to share it with their friends and followers.

Get the Conversation Going. Now that you have drawn you targeted audience in with unique content, it’s time to talk back. Often times readers reply to posts by leaving comments, questions, concerns, etc. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring these commentaries. Whether they are negative, positive, or indifferent, always respond to your readers. Getting the conversation going make your audience feel as though they are talking to a person rather than a huge corporation. Developing a virtual relationship with your audience will make them feel comfortable. Always remember that loyal readers become loyal customers.

The tips listed above go hand and hand with tons of other social media marketing guidelines. Developing a plan for your social media marketing efforts is essential however most businesses and corporations lack the manpower and skills to do so. This is why eComand Solutions has excelled in the field of social media marketing for years. Our efforts are geared towards producing favorable results and making sure that our clients and our clients’ clients are completely satisfied. For more information on the social media marketing services we provide, give us a call at (314) 853-9235.