The top 5 ways to combat writer’s block

As a writer one of the most frustrating things that you may experience is writer’s block. Writer’s block occurs when a writer hits a point where they can no longer write about the topic they are tasked with writing about. This block is not only frustrating but can potentially cost the writer money if it delays the delivery of the text being written. The following are 5 tips on how to combat writer’s block.

    1. Free-write and brainstorm. Free-writing and brainstorming ideas and phrases, even if not on the topic of what your assignment is, can help unblock your writing process. Through these processes you get your mind working and the ideas flowing which will in turn lead to breakthroughs on the topic you are writing about.
    2. Get up and move.Sitting in front of screen for extended periods of time can lead to one becoming lethargic. By getting up and moving around you get the blood flowing to all parts of your body again and can become reenergized. This can activate thoughts that otherwise may have been blocked due to the lethargy of sitting.
    3. Move on to a different part of the text you are writing. Frequently writers, in particular beginning writers, feel like they need to write their document in the order that it will be published. However, this can often lead to writer’s block. By moving on to a different section you can continue writing and getting your work done instead of blankly staring at the screen. Not only is the good for your project as it keeps it moving along it also can generate new ideas that can be used in the section where you were developing writer’s block.
    4. Read.Another strategy is to stop writing and instead start reading. Reading someone else’s writing can not only provide you a short break from writing but can also provide inspiration and ideas to include in your own writing. These ideas and inspiration can kick start your own writing and allow you to break through your writer’s block.
    5. Eliminate distractions. In today’s increasingly connected world distractions abound. Due to the connectedness it is easy to become distracted by cell phone notifications, text messages, social media, television and radio. All this is in addition to any other people around while you are working. These can all lead to writer’s block and consume significant amounts of time that otherwise could be productive in completing the project. By removing all of these distractions it will allow you to focus and give your full undivided attention to the task at hand, which will ultimately result in finishing your project much sooner.

Writer’s block is frustrating for any writer trying to complete their work and can result in missed deadlines and lost revenue. Utilizing one or more of the five tips listed above can help you fight writer’s block and meet your deadline.