Video marketing tips that don’t break the bank

In today’s fast paced world of marketing, the internet is where a large percentage of most business traffic will come from. Think about it–Billions of people utilize social media, especially Facebook and YouTube. In fact, video marketing has been made so easy, it is no longer unusual to hear about people making a living off of compelling videos.

There are now a number of “YouTube stars” who have all made a very respectable living off of creating videos. In addition, businesses and companies nationwide have found that video marketing can be a great tool to attain public interest and gain new customers. For example, take Michelle Phan who started her business with very basic makeup tutorial videos on YouTube; She now has a following of over 6 million as well as a lucrative deal with L’Oreal. She started as a young college dropout who simply brought her vision to life with the help of a YouTube account, basic video editing skills, and a mind for marketing.

Here are 5 easy steps to follow to make a video marketing campaign successful without spending a fortune:

  1. Invest in a Mac. Apple is known for its incredible built-in graphic designing tools. The most notable app that comes with most Macs now is called iMovie. You can produce, edit and share your own videos right from your Mac. The app even allows you to post directly to YouTube. A built camera and microphone make the video creation process even easier. While buying a Mac may seem like a pricey option, it is well worth it in the long run.
  2. Have a compelling message. Having a message will make people want to know (or in this case, watch) more. With Phan, she knew that makeup and beauty was a multi-billion dollar industry. Women are going to want to keep up with the latest makeup trends of the season all the time. More importantly, she knew that makeup tutorials could help a woman or young girl feel and look her best. So her marketing scheme is twofold: to display the latest and trendiest make-up techniques and to help other women develop basic skills in this area so that they would keep coming back. Like any other form of content marketing, video marketing requires delivering free & valuable information to viewers with the hopes of turning them into loyal audience members and/or customers.
  3. Create & maintain a blog. If you know your message will reach the masses, consider creating a blog. When interested people view your YouTube videos, they will be intrigued to know more about the topic and you. Leaving a link to your blog or website works as a cross functional marketing tactic for yourself. It also helps you keep and retain more customers when you have promotional links in your videos.
  4. Generate revenue from third-party ads. When someone monetizes YouTube videos, Google will pay them a small percentage each time someone visits their videos and even more when someone clicks on a banner ad. Over time, you can generate a very nice side income for yourself or business. Truth be told, you can make money with monetized videos much faster than with banner ads on a blog.
  5. Keep ‘em coming. Do not stop making videos. People are mostly visual learners that like to be shown how something is done, especially if it saves them time and money. Videos can be anything from hair tutorials, to DIY plumbing, free guitar lessons or videos on DIY car maintenance. One video idea can spark many other compelling videos and if these videos are monetized, it could generate more money for you and your business.

It is quite easy to make video marketing a success. Having the correct, but very basic equipment will help make simple, quick and compelling videos. A charming message that will help millions of people will be necessary as well. Monetizing this efforts for business capital while generating more ideas will make video marketing work for anyone.