Why Every Business Needs Social Media

Welcome to 2018, a world where first impressions are more important and shorter than ever before. Customers form their decisions based on a company’s digital presence and can quickly find other similar services. So, what does this mean for you or your business?

It means that you need to take look at your digital presence to make sure that you’re looking fresh.

Long gone are the days where social media is “that thing the kids use”. Now, Social media is a big influencer in converting an online consumer to your brand. Everyone knows that using your Facebook or Instagram account to keep your followers up to date on what is new with your business is useful. By posting about what’s coming next or a certain special you’re running, you get people excited to come back to your business.
Don’t forget that your posts should be engaging and have a purpose. In our other blog we show the difference between managing a personal facebook account versus a business page. If you’re creating the content for your page I’d highly recommend reading it to make sure your posts are the best they can be.

But, you may be saying to yourself, I really don’t think posting about my business is going to help it that much…

Let’s say you’re in an industry that doesn’t have specials or appealing pictures to post about like a doctor or lawyer. Why would you want to use social media if your posts aren’t going to be visually appealing or exciting?

Excellent question! A great reason that businesses should have social media is the credibility and brand trust that it creates. The reviews on social media can appear on your Google business page when customers search for you which ultimately reinforces their decision to join you. By posting regularly the customer can see that you put the time to focus on social media and that you haven’t abandoned it three years ago. This alleviates any assumption that your business is non-existent or lazy.

Credibility is important to build and establish your brand because just as easily as they found your page, they could just as quickly find your competitor. It may seem silly that if you haven’t posted to your Facebook in three years you may lose customers but let’s think about it. If you were looking for an allergist who made a post in 2015 and had one four-star review, would you blindly go with them, or would you go to the next page that had a post yesterday with thirteen five-star reviews?

Informed consumers are very common now. Studies show that 61% of shoppers conduct online research prior to buying an item. This carries over to services as well. Customers can look up their options for a company and compare their services to their competitors to find which one is the most appealing to them very quickly. This means that you have seconds to persuade your customer to choose you and keep them on your website/call your company.
Social media may not be the top-driver for your marketing, but that does not mean you should abandon it. By having it updated regularly you eliminate the risk of losing a customer who quickly glanced at your lacking social media.

When we work with our clients we almost always recommend our social media services. This saves you time and allows our team of professionals to create frequent content that will engage your customers ultimately leading them to convert.

Our approach is simple. We take the most interesting and important facets of your business and creatively display them to your audience in a way that allows for interaction.

As mentioned earlier, while posting is great, we want to make sure that it means something. We have tactics to increase how many people review your page which builds your brand’s credibility. We’re also making sure to use our budget to maximize the posts that will drive traffic and give the best ROI.

If your social media is not performing quite as well as you would like, or you’re putting too much time into it, it may be time to speak with a professional to help you out. Go ahead save yourself some time and focus on what really matters to you. Let us worry about the hard work.

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