Why your business needs a mobile app

With technology constantly being improved and updated on a regular basis, it is extremely important for businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

These days, online marketing tools such as mobile applications are a vital part of any successful marketing campaign. It is highly beneficial for any business within any industry to create a mobile application that is associated with their brand or company. Some business owners make the mistake of thinking that their business lacks the need for a mobile app. Here are a few reasons why every business should construct and implement a mobile app.

  1. Keep Up With Competitors. As parents, most of us have heard the phrase, “But everybody’s doing it”, once or twice out of the mouths of stubborn teenagers. But in term of mobile app development, it’s the truth. Billions of companies across the world have jumped on the bandwagon of mobile app development. From law firms and medical practices, to restaurants and retail stores, the percentage of business who have mobile apps is both large and diverse. Because of this, companies who do not have a mobile app in connection with their business, are at a huge disadvantage. This is largely because a good portion of society is highly dependent on technology. As a result, prospective customers may prefer to use the services and products of businesses with mobile apps, simply for convenience purposes.
  2. Customer Convenience. This day and age, consumers expect everything to be able to be done with the simple click of a button—literally. Therefore businesses strive to do everything possible to make their customer’s experience quick and painless. A mobile app can aid in making the various processes associated with the selling and advertising of services and products, virtually effortless. A really good example of how mobile apps are based upon convenience, is the number of banking apps that have surfaced within the past few years. Now, to deposit a check, customers aren’t forced to walk into the bank or even drive to the ATM. Instead, all they have to do is simply snap a photo of the check with their smartphone and it is deposited directly into their account. Like banking apps, all mobile apps should be made with convenience for the customer in mind.
  3. Promotions & Advertisements. Who doesn’t love saving money? Mobile apps are a great way to reach out to customers via promotions and advertisements. Electronic coupons, complete with a scan-able bar code, are one of the best features that mobile apps can offer. Not only is it easier for consumers, but clerks and cashiers of retail stores and restaurants aren’t burdened with the tasks of collecting and storing used coupons. Some mobile apps alert customers when they are is close proximity to major shopping malls, food chains, etc. Perhaps the most popular app of this kind is the RetailMeNot app which displays a notification on the user’s phone when they walk into a shopping center or store. The RetailMeNot app provides an entire list of current coupons and sales promotions that are going on in that specific retail establishment. This not only encourages customers to shop in their favorite stores for great deals, but it also exposes them to a variety of stores that they otherwise, may never have stepped foot in.

Creating a mobile app has a wide range of advantages. From improving customer loyalty to gaining new customers, mobile apps are a sure fire way to elevate your sales and marketing strategy. For several years eComand Solutions has produced mobile apps for a variety of businesses and corporations. For more information on the mobile app development service that we provide click here. To discuss how to get started creating your business’ mobile app, call us today at (314) 853-9235.